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$49,500 Grant Awarded in Honor of Fallen Hero: Combat Controller Senior Airman Mark Forester

The Combat Control Association's Mark Forester Scholarship program and the First There 4 Education (FT4-E) program provided by Combat Control Foundation are two initiatives that embody a shared commitment to education and service.

The Mark Forester Scholarships stand as a tribute to the legacy of Senior Airman Mark Forester, who displayed unwavering dedication and courage while serving as a Combat Controller in the United States Air Force. Though his life was tragically cut short when he was killed in action, his spirit lives on through these scholarships. Mark believed fervently in the transformative power of education and actively encouraged others to pursue their academic aspirations. As an enlisted CCT with a bachelor's degree, Mark set the example for all others to follow. Thus, the Mark Forester Scholarships have been established to honor his memory and provide support to individuals who share his passion for learning and exhibit remarkable potential.

Mark's story resonates with the Combat Control Community, where access to educational and developmental opportunities can present formidable obstacles for both warriors and their families. Combat Control Foundation's First There 4 Education (FT4-E) program addresses these challenges by empowering Combat Control Team family members through scholarships for higher education and training. Recognizing the significance of education, especially in geographically separated duty locations, FT4-E seeks to ensure that quality education remains within reach for dependent children. By supplementing existing Air Force government programs, FT4-E offers additional financial resources, thus breaking down barriers that might otherwise impede educational pursuits.

The Combat Control Foundation's dedication is evident in its mission to be "First There" in prioritizing education for warriors, families, and veterans. This commitment is rooted in the belief that education is an essential steppingstone toward unlocking one's full potential. By awarding this $49,500 Grant to the Combat Control Association Mark Forester Scholarship program, the Foundation continues to champion this cause, creating a legacy of service, learning, and empowerment. Just as Mark's memory lives on, these initiatives ensure that his passion for education persists, lighting the way for a brighter future.

We would like to extend a congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Mark Forester Scholarships. Your selection for this scholarship is a testament to your outstanding qualities and your potential to make a positive impact on your community and beyond. As you embark on this educational journey, remember that you are part of a legacy that values determination, excellence, and service. The Mark Forester Scholarships have opened a door to new opportunities, and we can't wait to witness the remarkable achievements you'll undoubtedly accomplish.

Check out the links (images) below to see the recipients of the CCA Scholarship program also to learn more about SrA Mark Forester and the details of the ultimate sacrifice he made.

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