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First There 4 Wellness

Support that aids in recovery

The demanding nature of Combat Control duty takes an imbalanced toll on the well-being of warriors and their families, both physically and mentally. In instances where a Combat Control Team (CCT) member sustains critical injuries or falls ill, our First There 4 Wellness (FT4-W) program steps in to offer essential financial, logistical aid and preventive care. By alleviating the burdens associated with these circumstances, we enable them to prioritize their healing journey and focus on their well-being.


In addition, our FT4-W program extends our support to family members who may be facing difficulties or limitations. Furthermore, a significant number of veterans grapple with the enduring consequences of sustained combat. The Combat Control Foundation remains steadfast in our commitment to be First There in promoting the well-being of our warriors, families, and veterans. We strive to ensure their continued health and provide the necessary assistance and resources to support their overall wellness.

We are Combat Control Foundation.
We are First There.

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Assisting in times of crisis and tragedy

Supporting education opportunities

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Preserving history of the community

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