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First There 4 Heritage

Preserving history of the community

Rooted in a legacy that dates back to World War II, the Combat Control Community stands on a foundation of immense pride. The extraordinary accomplishments of these warriors deserve everlasting remembrance and acknowledgment. Furthermore, it is imperative that we, as a collective, make every effort to foster a strong sense of connection within the Community. By providing distinctive and unwavering support, we ensure that the bonds between its members remain unyielding.

Through our First There 4 Heritage (FT4-H) program, we actively preserve and cultivate the profound legacy of the Combat Control Team brotherhood, including their families. We achieve this by organizing engaging summer camps and teammate connect events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and continuity. By doing so, we uphold the significant heritage these warriors have established. Additionally, we offer financial support for the development of fitting national memorials and monuments, ensuring their enduring recognition and reverence.

The Combat Control Foundation is First There in its dedication to safeguarding the rich history and fostering a strong sense of community among these exceptional warriors, their families, and veterans.

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Acts of

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Combat Control

 Combat controllers saluting a fallen comrade

Remember our
Fallen Heroes

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