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21st Special Tactics Squadron Combat Controllers guiding a C-130 to land
Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controllers on a ridgeline - About the CCF Foundation Header image

About The Foundation

First There.

Our Mission

The Combat Control Foundation is First There in providing care and support to Combat Controllers (CCT), their families and other members of the military community through its programs, or through partnerships with similar charitable organizations.

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Combat Control Foundation board membership and executive leadership at the Special Warfare Training Wing

Who We Are

Established in 2021, the Combat Control Foundation (CCF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides programs of support to all eras of our nation’s Combat Controllers, their families, and other members of the military special operations community.  Our First There programs focus on providing care and support through four pillars: Resilience, Wellness, Education and Heritage.

CCF Board of Directors

Presenting our board of directors composed of former United States Air Force personnel, Combat Controllers, and dedicated civilians, all committed to being First There for Our Nation's Combat Controllers, the Air Force's Special Warfare Elite Operators.

Special Tactics Airmen call in precision airstrikes

What is a Combat Controller?

U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controllers (CCTs) are some of the most highly trained, special operations forces in the world. Trained as elite air traffic controllers, their unique skill sets make them the deadliest warriors on the planet. They specialize in controlling airspace in combat and austere environments, calling in precision air strikes and delivering humanitarian support around the world as the first, “first responders” to arrive during a disaster.

Combat Control Foundation's Programs

Buddys Furniture Donation Pickup for Combat Control Foundation

Assisting in times of crisis and tragedy

First There 4 Wellness with the Air Force Academy Wrestling Team

Support that aids in recovery

higher education college library

Supporting education opportunities

LR Bob Haverty, Dave Hughes,Bob Edmisten, Tom Watson, Dave Gfeller, Charlie McCarthy - Combat Control History

Preserving history of the community

About The Combat Control Foundation

The Combat Control Foundation (CCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2021 and we are First There to provide care and support to Combat Controllers (CCTs), their families, and other members of the military special operations community. The Foundation focuses on four pillars: Resilience, Wellness, Education, and Heritage.

Through our First There 4 Resiliency (FT4-R) program, the Combat Control Foundation is dedicated to supporting combat controllers, their families, and Gold Star Families during times of crisis. We provide financial assistance for expenses related to dignified transfers, memorial services, and travel costs. Additionally, we offer services such as grief counseling, retreats, remembrance gifts, and kids' camps to help those who have experienced loss. Our commitment extends to warriors who have lost a parent or sibling, providing them with support and resources to navigate their grief. By alleviating stressors and bolstering resilience, we strive to enhance well-being and empower individuals to overcome challenges.

The demanding nature of Combat Control duty takes a toll on the well-being of warriors and their families, both physically and mentally. Our First There 4 Wellness (FT4-W) program provides crucial financial and logistical aid to Combat Control Team (CCT) members who sustain critical injuries or fall ill. By relieving the associated burdens, we empower them to prioritize their healing journey and well-being. We also extend our support to family members facing difficulties, and we remain committed to promoting the well-being of warriors, families, and veterans. Our goal is to ensure their continued health by providing the necessary assistance and resources for their overall wellness.


Through our First There 4 Education (FT4-E) program, we aim to empower Combat Control Team family members by providing scholarships for higher education and training. We are committed to supporting quality education opportunities for dependent children, especially in geographically separated duty locations where the right educational choices are vital for the student's overall success. The goal of FT4-E is to ensure that education remains accessible and attainable for the families within the Combat Control Community.

Through our First There 4 Heritage (FT4-H) program, we actively preserve and cultivate the profound legacy of the Combat Control Team brotherhood, including their families. We achieve this by organizing engaging summer camps and teammate connect events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and continuity. By doing so, we uphold the significant heritage these warriors have established. Additionally, we offer financial support for the development of fitting national memorials and monuments, ensuring their enduring recognition and reverence.

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