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What is a Combat Controller?

U.S. Air Force Combat Controllers (CCTs) are some of the most highly trained, special operations forces in the world. Trained as elite air traffic controllers, their unique skill sets make them the deadliest warriors on the planet.


They specialize in controlling airspace in combat and austere environments, calling in precision air strikes and delivering humanitarian support around the world as the first, “first responders” to arrive during a disaster.


There are approximately 500 active Combat Controllers in the Air Force, making them much smaller than their better-known counterparts. Their training consistently washes out more than 80% of the men seeking to wear the scarlet beret.


And their training pipeline is longer, more demanding and costlier than that to become a U.S. Navy SEAL or U.S. Army Green Beret. 


Some of the military’s most difficult missions have been and continue to be executed by Combat Controllers who operate in remote or hostile environments.

They act as a lone operator who is attached other special operations forces. 


Their certifications include open and closed-circuit combat diving, military free fall (HALO) and static line parachuting, unconventional vehicle insertion such as motorcycle/ATV and snowmobile, and fast rope.


Below is a video playlist of Combat Control related YouTube videos showcasing the history and strengths of our U.S. Air Force Combat Controllers.


Each CCT is also a certified United States Air Force air traffic controller.


They can more effectively establish control of all airspace and assets available to these unique operators. 


This skill makes them truly, the most lethal individuals to walk a battlefield in the history of human warfare. 

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Acts of

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Combat Control

 Combat controllers saluting a fallen comrade

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