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Empowering Special Tactics Operators: The Impact of Resiliency Retreats

We are excited to share with you the resounding success of an event at which the Combat Control Foundation (CCF) was the sole sponsor through our First There 4 Resiliency program.

The Feb 2024 Resiliency Retreat was for the Operators and their families of the 21st Special Tactics Squadron. The event garnered widespread praise and appreciation from all those who attended. As we reflect on its impact, we would like to express our gratitude to the donors and sponsors who support CCF for your unwavering support and dedication to our mission.

The statistics and feedback gathered from the event were meticulously compiled, and they paint a vivid picture of the positive outcomes achieved. While we are unable to publish images featuring our Special Tactics Airmen, we can share a group photo of the families captured during the retreat.

From the 21st Special Tactics Squadron Commander:

“From the 21 STS Commander to the donors and the Foundation: It is people like you who make all the difference in the lives of our members, our families, and their children. As our operators and mission support teammates prepare to step out the door for over six-months to defend the United States abroad, deter conflict, solve complex international problems amidst crisis, and when necessary bring lethal justice to those who would do our nation harm, it is immensely reassuring and encouraging to know that there are Americans behind us supporting us and helping strengthen and protect our families at home. Your support means the world to the men and women of Special Tactics, and we are very grateful!”
21st Special Tactics Squadron unit patch

Allow us to echo the sentiments conveyed by the Commander: "It is people like you who make all the difference in the lives of our members, our families, and their children." Those who support CCF with generosity and commitment provide a beacon of hope and strength for our Special Tactics community as they prepare to embark on missions vital to the security of our nation.

The impact of the Resiliency Retreat extended far beyond mere statistics. Families, including those facing unique challenges such as combat-related injuries, disabilities, and the strains of military life, found solace and support in this gathering. With participants spanning diverse career fields and deployment regions, the event served as a unifying force, reinforcing our collective resolve to serve with honor and distinction. In total, 122 people from the AFSPECWAR community were served by this invaluable experience.

The feedback received from those who attended underscores the profound impact of the retreat: Positive comments highlighted the active and family-friendly environment, as well as the invaluable opportunity for couples to connect before deployment. Suggestions for improvement were minimal, with many expressing gratitude for the Combat Control Foundation and support provided for the event.

As we reflect on the success of the Resiliency Retreat, we are filled with gratitude for those who support our mission. Your contributions not only enhance the well-being of our service members and their families but also strengthen the fabric of our Special Tactics community. 

Help us continue our support of the Special Tactics community by donating here:


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