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AFCC Mike West on a Lifetime of Service

Americans are obligated to provide all the assistance we can to our combat veterans and their families. All who serve in our military deserve our gratitude and appreciation. We owe a special debt to the members of our Special Operations teams, who go above and beyond the normal risks associated with war.

Combat Controller (CCT) Chief Master Sergeant Michael West

Those individuals with the drive and commitment who volunteer for the hardships and augmented risks of Special Operations are what differentiates the American military. Their enhanced training and intense qualification process result in highly trained, driven and team-focused warriors.

I am beyond honored and privileged to have once been a Board Member of the Combat Control Foundation, which is the fund-raising vehicle that supports the ongoing mission of the Combat Control Association, dedicated to helping those veterans and their families, whatever the need may be.

The Board contains a mix of civilian volunteers and CCT veterans like Mike West, who took time out of his schedule to visit the MessyTimes Studios.

Click below to view the discussion about the value of service to our nation, and the myriad ways in which all Americans can help foundations like ours to execute our mission, which is to serve those who have sacrificed so much for us all in their military service.

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