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SrA Adam P. Servais


August 19, 2006

Oruzgan, Afghanistan

Operation Enduring Freedom

Servais was born on September 1, 1982, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He joined the Air Force in June 2002 and earned his combat controller red beret in June 2003. He entered advanced skills training at Hurlburt Field and graduated September 24, 2004. Upon graduation, Adam was assigned to the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron.

On August 19, 2006, while serving in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Servais was killed by enemy fire in the Oruzgan Province of Afghanistan during a battle with over 100 insurgents. Servais had volunteered to serve as the rears M240B machine gunner for the second Ground Mobility Vehicle in an eight vehicle convoy comprised of United States Special Forces, Afghan National Army, and Afghan Security Guard elements.

The convoy was traveling through mountainous terrain in the vicinity of Yakhdan Village, when, at 0530Z, the convoy received heavy amounts of small arms, rocket propelled grenades, and sniper fire from enemy positions 400 to 850 meters to the north, east and west of their location.

Servais immediately directed his M240B machine gun towards the enemy, and began engaging positively identified targets. As the battle progressed, increasing fire continued to engulf the patrol. Recognizing the necessity of close air support (CAS) to gain fire superiority over the enemy, Servais delegated responsibility of his machine gun to another crew member and focused his efforts on controlling supporting aircraft. While receiving small arms fire, Servais continued to engage enemy positions with his M4 while directing CAS. As he was identifying targets to the aircraft, a rocket propelled grenade air-burst at head level directly to his rear, fatally wounding him.

For Servais’ outstanding efforts he was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star with Valor.

SrA Adam P. Servais

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