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The Vietnam War

February 22, 1967

The largest single allied operation in the Vietnam War, Operation Junction City, conducted from February 22 to April 15, 1967, marked several significant milestones. It witnessed the first recorded joint-service combat jump involving the US Army and USAF Combat Control Teams (CCT). 

The operation aimed to push the Viet Cong out of populated regions and into open areas where American firepower could be maximized. This monumental endeavor involved twenty-two US infantry battalions, four ARVN infantry battalions, and seventeen artillery battalions, totaling over 25,000 troops.

Supported by an unprecedented 575 aircraft sorties on its first day alone, Operation Junction City showcased the immense aerial power brought to bear, with 4,000 Air Force sorties and 249 helicopters engaged in the operation. Notably, it featured one of the largest airmobile assaults in history, with 240 troop-carrying helicopters descending upon the battlefield.

On February 22, 1967, the first US airborne assault of the war unfolded as troopers from Task Force 2-503 made an unopposed jump from thirteen C-130 aircraft into Drop Zone C, north of Katum. This jump, marking the initiation of Operation Junction City, was a significant moment in CCT history and the broader context of the Vietnam War.

Operation Photos
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